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v3.1.4 - Markdown fixes

We've updated the way we save Markdown files. Now, Markdown files are saved in the users language & should have proper syntax 100% of the time, including support for MathJax &

v3.0.0 - Prompt hotkey, sidebar, and variables!

v3.0.0 brings a whole new slew of productivity features to ChatGPT. We've been able to take some ideas from ChatBotUI.com (which, for you copyright nerds, is under an MIT license) and apply them to ChatGPT in some pretty exciting ways.

Prompt Hotkey

Access all of your prompts without leaving the chatbox! Simply type /[prompt name] to access your prompt. Then you can scroll around and hit enter, or click on the prompt you want to use.

You can use the /hotkey throughout your conversation & multiple times in the same chat. The suggestion box will disappear when you hit space or when you select a prompt.

Prompt Variables

Prompt variables are values that change with each usage of the prompt. Place double {{curly braces}} around a variable name and watch the magic happen. For example:

Output should be in the {{language}} language. Be sure to use correct grammar.

Then, when you select the prompt, a popup will ask for variable values:


Prompts can have multiple of the same variable. Input will only be asked for once. For example:

I want you to act like an expert in {{field}}. As an expert in {{field}}, you have been trained for forty years in {{field}}.

The popup for this prompt looks like this:


To submit the popup, you can either click "Submit" or hit enter on your keyboard.

Prompt Sidebar & Collapsable Nav

The prompt sidebar allows you to create, edit, and delete prompts inside the ChatGPT interface.

To create a prompt, click on the "New Prompt" button. Then, to edit it, click on the new untitled prompt in your sidebar prompt list. You can also edit other prompts in the same way.

To delete a prompt, simply click the trash can icon right next to the prompt.


You can now click the arrows on the new prompt sidebar and navigation to hide those for a distraction-free environment.

Previous Versions


Right-click to save prompt text

Highlight some text, right-click, and click "Save Text As Prompt" to easily add a new prompt to your library.

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